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At Trunoyz, we are not just the team for distributing music. we are the architects of artistic evolution.

We provide a transformative space where creativity thrives and talent flourishes. Our commitment to nurturing independent artists is unwavering, offering comprehensive support from inception to release. As a multi-platinum, Grammy award winning team; Trunoyz not only provides top-tier music production facilities but also serves as a collaborative hub where artists can refine their craft, explore new sounds, and push boundaries. With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for pushing the envelope, Trunoyz is dedicated to taking the art of music to the next level.



If you want to take your next recording, mixing or mastering experience above and beyond and join this stand-out roster of clients, get in touch by filling out the contact form below. Be sure to include your artist/band name, the services you’re interested in, and when you’d like to work together.

Project files can be submitted below using the upload button.


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Please give an overview of your project with any relevant details that best summarise what it is you do and what you are trying to achieve

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Over the past two decades, Trunoyz has built up an extensive list of clients and credits on countless records across the music scene. Some of their most recent works include:

Disco Lágrima.jpg
samie 3.jpeg

..amongst many more.

Below, please find our Youtube channel for more work:


Trunoyz is a comprehensive suite of studios, equipped to tackle every aspect of the record creation process. Running top-of-the-line capture, processing, and monitoring to ensure that every step towards your finished record is optimized to its full potential.

The studios benefit from a roster of name brand equipment ranging across Barefoot Audio, Neumann Microphones, Lynx, Marshall, Mesa, Engl, Randall, AKG, EVH, Peavey, Vox, Sennheiser, Shure, and many more. There is also local accommodation which can be provided where necessary. To find out how Trunoyz can cater to your project, please enquire using the contact form above & seeing available options below.


Trunoyz is available for a wide variety of services, catering packages specifically to the needs of your project.


Embarking on full production means completing working through your entire record from start to finish. From picking out and tweaking song arrangements, to building guitar tones and effect layers, to the final vocal take tweaks — full production means every aspect is carefully catered to.


The right mix engineer can bring a flat, lifeless recording back from the dead, or highlight and enhance a perfectly captured performance. Using only the finest array of tools to assist carefully tuned ears, Jacob Hansen has a proud repertoire of clients backing his long history of work.


No record is complete without the precision and care that comes from a practiced mastering engineer. As the final processing on your record, the mastering will polish clarity, volume, width and control into your record with delicate hands that preserve every detail of the mixing process.

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